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Onboarding - Walk-in @ Workplace

Onboarding - Walk-in @ Workplace


Both, Campus & Direct Inclusion and Onboarding


As you sit waiting sweaty-palmed in the lobby, we promise you that people inclusion & onboarding team is kneeling behind a desk and praying, "Let this be the one we can hire. All we want is someone who can do the job and plays well with others. Someone who won’t give us headaches – then we can make the hire, and get back to our real work.” 

Our people inclusion team want to include you, and all you have to do is give them the reasons to make that choice. While you come office to join to see if it is the right opportunity for you, what must come first is answering that people manager’s prayer.

(Neither we reject any candidate nor we hire/fire any individuals under Labour and Employment Policies)


Participate sincerely because Assessment/Research/Group Discussion/Personal Interview are part of the Inclusion and Onboarding Process but not confirmation of employment.

Bring Values, Get Valued!

Commercial Time = Business Value

Time = Wealth

Be sure about the Walk-in @ Gurugram Workplace schedule and join accordingly. Check an email from ([email protected]), across your Spam/Junk/Inbox to get further details. Your current appointment request or reschedule request would be accepted after receiving contribution of payment of ₹4990 for existing request/next confirmation/reschedule.

Payment Methods;

Upto ₹ 49,000 via UPI to -

HCDS Technologies


Payment above ₹ 49,001 to ₹ 2,00,000 via NEFT only

(Once booked, kindly confirm your appointment within next 90 minutes by sharing transaction details at Email or WhatsApp)

So, focus on how your skills and personality can help the people manager and that department play their role in supporting company profitability. There’ll be no offer and nothing to consider unless you do.


Personality Assessment Interviews & Onboarding Discussion

Walk-in @ Gurugram Workplace for the Inclusion Process

(We don't hire human resources under Labour & Employment Policies)


Inside WeWork @ Platina Tower, MG Road, Near Sikandarpur Metro Station, Sector 28, Gurugram

(Near Sikanderpur Rapid Metro)


Inside WeWork @ DLF Forum, Cybercity, DLF Phase III, Gurugram

(Near Cyber City Rapid Metro)

- Confirm your arrival 48 hours in advance with Valid KYC Document.

(Direct Walk-in @ Workplace Interview is not welcome)

Applicable terms & conditions of Stage Two Interviews

Kindly don't ask/request us to amend/edit/change any part of the Direct/Campus Hiring Policy/legitimate terms/conditions of MemorandumOfUnderstanding.

Full address and location map shall be shared after confirmation of your online appointment.

Walk-in Interview timing will be 9:00 am to 11:30 Am only, so kindly reach on/before time.

Be comfortable at reception and have patience during contactless security check-in.

If feeling unwell, kindly do not Walk-in for an interview, join Virtual Online.

Ask at reception to meet the concerned person and confirm your arrival on phone call first.

Be punctual because late arrival is strictly not accepted in all circumstances.

Obey Covid appropriate behavior and stay calm while enjoying beverages at the office lounge.

Kindly do not speak to other incumbents, just text us on WhatsApp +91 9499193061

Get Prepared For Most Common Questions:

- How would you describe yourself?
- What makes you unique?
- Why do you want to work at this function?
- What interests you about this role?
- What motivates you?
- What are you passionate about?
- What are your greatest strengths?
- What are your goals for the future?
- Where do you see yourself in five years?
- Can you tell about a difficult work situation and how you overcame it?
- What is your salary range expectation?
- Express about your health information?
- Do you have any questions?


Ready to apply for a Job or Internship @ HCDS Technologies?

The job application is often your first step. We use it to learn about your qualifications and compare you to other applicants. But we prefer that you also submit an updated CV or Resume. Here are some tips for completing your Job or Internship applications successfully.

Follow directions. Avoid having your application rejected because you filled it out wrong.

Read the entire application before you complete it.

Pay close attention to what is being asked and how you are expected to respond.

Do not write in sections that say "Do Not Write Below This Line" or "Office Use Only."

Fill out applications neatly and completely. Make sure that your application creates a good impression by answering all the relevant questions.

Before you leave home, create a personal data sheet. This should include all the information you might need to complete an application like names of previous employers, employment dates, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. Use it as you fill out the application.

Most applications will ask for references. Add this to your personal data sheet.

Do not use abbreviations, except for "n/a" (not applicable).

Respond to all questions. If a question does not apply to you, use "n/a" to indicate that it is not applicable. This shows the employer that you did not overlook anything.

If you are filling out a paper application:

Make a rough draft. Write out responses on a separate sheet of paper before completing the real application. Or get two copies and use the first one as a rough draft.

Write clearly. Use a black, erasable pen, and print clearly.

Proofread it. Make sure that you have no grammar or spelling errors. If possible, have someone else review the application to catch errors you might miss.

Keep it neat. Use correction fluid ("white out") to fix minor errors, but use it sparingly.

Always list your "position desired". Do not leave this question blank or use "any" or "open."

If you're answering a job ad or looking for a specific position, enter that job title.

If you are not applying for a specific position, enter the name of the department in which you wish to work.

Fill out more than one application if you are interested in more than one job.

Give a range for your salary requirements. Employers may use this question to screen out applicants. It is best to give a salary range or list "negotiable", even if you know the wage. This leaves you room to negotiate a higher salary.

Give positive reasons for leaving past jobs. Choose your words carefully with this question. Avoid using the words "fired", "quit", "illness", or "personal reasons". Always use positive statements. Here are some possible ways to handle this question.

If you were fired:

Do not use the terms "fired" or "terminated". Consider using "involuntary separation."

You may want to call past employers to find out what they will say in response to reference checks. When doing so, reintroduce yourself and explain that you're looking for a new job. Be honest that your termination hurts your chances of getting another job. Past employers will usually agree to use the term "resigned." This response saves them potential headaches and even lawsuits.

If you quit your job, use the term "resigned" or "voluntarily separated." These responses indicate that you followed proper procedures in leaving the job. If the application asks for a reason (or if you are asked in the job interview), you can respond as follows:

Quit for a better job. This response includes leaving for advancement potential, to work closer to home, for a better work environment, or for a career change. If you quit for a better job, there should not be a long break in employment. Your employment history should support the statement.

Quit to move to another area.

Quit to attend university. If you use this reason, the higher education listed on your application and/or resume must reflect it.

Quit for other reasons, such as took an extended vacation/sabbatical, did volunteer work, started own business, or raised family.

If you were laid off from a job due to no fault of your own, indicate the reason for the layoff. Here are some possible phrases to use:

Lack of work, Lack of operating funds, Temporary employment, Seasonal employment, Company closed, Plant closing, Company downsized, Corporate merger

Watch for illegal questions. Applications may contain questions that are illegal to ask before a conditional offer of employment. These include questions about:

Race, Religion, Creed, National origin, Receiving public assistance, Gender, Marital status, Sexual orientation, Age, Disability

You need to decide how you will respond. If the question does not bother you, answer it. If it does, you can use "n/a." But be aware that you may get screened out by having too many of these responses.

Present a positive, honest picture of yourself during your job search. The information that you provide is likely to become part of your permanent employment record. False information can be the basis for dismissal. Answer all questions honestly. Provide only the information that the employer wants, or that is needed to sell your qualifications. Avoid any negative information.

Target your qualifications. Include only those that meet the specific needs of the job. Many applications have limited space to record your skills, experience, and accomplishments. To decide what information to include, research the company, its products or services, and the skills needed for the job. Attach a resume that details your skills, experience, and accomplishments.

दशकों पुराने दृष्टिकोण के साथ नए और विशिष्ट की खोज असंभव है

searching for new and specific is impossible with decades old approaches

विज्ञान, व्यवसाय, कृषि, चिकित्सा, प्रौद्योगिकी, व्यापार, सरकारें, नीतियां, प्रकृति, उपकरण, लगभग सब कुछ साप्ताहिक, मासिक और त्रैमासिक आधार पर तेजी से बदल रहा है।

Science, Business, Agriculture, Medicare, Technologies, Trading, Governments, Policies, Nature, Appliances, almost everything is changing rapidly on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis

हां, कुछ ऐसा जो नहीं बदल रहा है, वह है व्यक्तिगत शिक्षा, व्यक्तिगत प्रशिक्षण और करियर की तैयारी, अधिकांश लोग अभी भी न्यूनतम निश्चित मासिक वेतन पाने के लिए 9 घंटे की नौकरी की तलाश कर रहे हैं

yes, something which is not changing, that is personal education, personal training and career preparation, majority of people is still searching for 9 hours Servantship kind of job to get minimum fixed Monthly salary

So many reasons, check what gives you a clarification...

1. This is Part of Business Strategies Policies, Will be "Redeemable Later" but "Not Refundable"

2. This fund goes to CSR Activities (mandatory skills training to underprivileged students and Women Empowerment)

3. It's our internal policy after facing so many time wasting candidates

4. To filter the headache causing stuff (applicants express fake commitments during Interviews to get Offer Letter and then run away without responding back)

5. All our services are Chargeable, because we pay maximum attention to candidates career excellence

6. We neither borrow Bank Loans or Angel Funding nor attract Capital Investment, but manage all our operational expenses from Fee collected from Trainees and Services rendered to our clients 

7. We understand value of People, Policies and Procedures so, this is our Business Framework to Offer services and get Payments 

Read More:

Find your synergies and passion across following business functions;

Preventive Healthcare Technology & Medical Grade OEM Lifestyle Devices

Corporate Governance and Republic Cooperative Business Laws

Business  Functions Automation (Cloud/Big Data/AI/Optimization)

People Inclusion & Development (Consulting/Admin/Management)

Scientific Research & Innovation | PSU Educational Technologies

MSME/SHG E-Commerce | Cooperative Workplace Infrastructure

Business Development, Concept Marketing & New Business Formation

Civil Ethics, Social Services and Community Empowerment Activities

We're working together in collaboration, contribution & integrated way with our stakeholders considering that Technological advancement has a great impact over doing business in more innovative and customer-centric ways.

Get ready to brainstorm about A to Y information;

- Applicant must do a self driven research, how we are a Socio-Economic and Collaborative Business Entity, Our Vision, Mission, Process, Business Objectives and 8 Sets of Business Functions

- The Joint Business Operations we have with more than 15 Foreign and Indian Business Entities (with our Technical Solution Delivery Partners/Customers/Clients/Self Help Groups)

- The Offered/Available Career Opportunities and How to Join Hands with existing Stakeholders/Functional Teams

- The Job Objectives, Roles and Responsibilities; Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Business Goals/Objectives

- The Work, Workers and Workplace Challenges

- The Hurdles, Barriers and New Era Skills required to achieve excellence

- The Applicant's Attitude, Aptitude and Altitude suppressed under preconceived theories, old fashioned practices and backward practices to just find fixed salary secure jobs/servant-ship

- The continuously on Job training, learning and grooming opportunities offered in modern people centric hybrid working culture

- The ultimate Life-Work Balance that ensures 75% workday tie must Focus on result driven working and 25% workday time on regular preventive learning and corrective maintenance

- The Full-time/Regular/Hybrid work culture offered to lead the change

- The Performance Linked Payment Package, Compensation and Quarterly/Annual Performance Incentives

- The Modern accommodation facilities in collaboration with our real estate developers and partners

- The Group Family Insurance and Healthcare Benefits

- The Government Offered Benefits to Fresh or Experienced Stakeholders and their Kids

- The Two Stages of Simplified, Engaging and Democratic People Inclusion Process to Find Ultimate potential of individual applicant/job seeker

- The Constitutional job work on-boarding/off-boarding process ensuring fundamental rights and legality of mutually agreed working terms and conditions

Visit -

Linked-in -

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Project/Internship Link -

Young Business Entity for revolutionary youngsters of the Countryside. Incorporated under “Government of India MSMEs Act 2006/2020”, approved by Directorate General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour & Employment and promoted by Founder Partner of Avocat Professional Institute (Incorporated under “The Haryana State (PSA) Commercial Establishment Act 1958”). HCDS is a Sovereign (also termed as AUTONOMOUS or Self-financed), Republic (also termed as COOPERATIVE or human centric), Socialist (also termed as FABIAN or anti-capitalist), Liberal (also termed as HUMANISTIC or forward-thinking) and Ethical (also termed as MORAL or righteous under the shadow of provisions of the Constitution of Republic of India) for all stakeholders, customers, clients, students, applicants, trainees, employees. Non-Government business entity without any support/subsidy or investment from State, zero capital funding/capitalism influence, external investors, third party promoters, foreign direct investment or banking loans etc., so HCDS manages its day to day business expenses from internal budgeting, self-financed offerings, HR consulting business products and intellectual services, affordable training fee collections and CSR events/activities. All existing/future stakeholders of HCDS are/will be its investors and promoters too because HCDS now and will never invite outside investments.

HCDS is focused on creating Self Help Groups (SHG) and Independent Entrepreneurship under the provisions/laws/acts of States those would be owned and managed (democratically) by underprivileged Countryside young professionals. HCDS has rapidly built a significant collaborative association with the People & Partner Businesses. Currently operate from Remote Transit Offices and Partner Workplaces across the Tier-2/Tier-3 cities.

Mission - To create large Cooperative Limited Business Enterprise for "Self-Esteemed" TEAM DRIVEN, TEAM GOVERNED & TEAM MANAGED "Self-Development" of all stakeholders.

Vigilance and Disclaimer

HCDS Technologies is a socio-economic business entity and purely bootstrap under applicable state’s acts and laws. We don’t accept any direct/indirect investment from any external sources such as venture capitalist, banks, non-banking financial institutions, government subsidies, foreign investors and general public or job applicants. However, we offer partnering into training and development activities with individuals and business entities to legally generate revenue. People at HCDS Technologies are team-driven, team-governed and team-managed to focus on developing its stakeholders. Our day to day business expenses are funded by fresh and experienced stakeholders who join us with total sovereignty at their will without any coercion or undue influence.

Investment or Recruitment Fraud

Investment or recruitment fraud happens through unsolicited emails, text messages, phone calls and similar unsolicited communication, claiming to have projects/career opportunities/job offers from HCDS Technologies or request investment into/for HCDS Technologies. These are not legitimate. The fraudsters use fake websites and fake email addresses with our socio-economic business entity’s names, brands, or logos as part of the fraud. This is done without HCDS Technologies’s involvement, approval, or permission. The goal is for the fraudster to obtain your personal information or fetching money.

Examples of Recruitment or Investment Fraud:

Ask for medical examinations, consulting fee, caution money, visa fees, opening of bank accounts, hardware issuance and travel.

Ask for personal information, including name, address, phone number, Aadhar Card details, PAN card details, driver’s license, passport information, and bank account details.

Emails are usually sent by spoofing from free email accounts such as, or or use oddly branded email addresses or domains with hyphens.

Contact through social media platforms, chat rooms, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.


Supporting documentation is poorly worded or formatted and may include HCDS Technologies’s name, logo, or a distorted version of the same.

Most fraudsters usually share their personal bank account details, UPI or junk payment links

What should you do if you suspect Recruitment or Investment Fraud?

If you have received any communications with offers stated above, do not respond, keep all information and records, and contact your law enforcement agencies including your local police authorities and cyber-crime authorities for reporting purposes.

You may also send evidences to our legal officer – Jasbir Singh at [email protected]

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