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Merchant Policies

Delivery methods
Stage-2: Virtual Online Interview
One item: 4990; Each additional item: 4990
Stage-2: Walk-in Office Appointment
One item: 7500; Each additional item: 7500
Merchantship Business Demonstration
One item: 7500; Each additional item: 7500
Internship in Germany/Japan
One item: 15000; Each additional item: 15000
Non-Commercial Ticket for Event
One item: 900; Each additional item: 900
Student/Fresher Ticket for Event
One item: 1800; Each additional item: 1800
Proprietor/Entrepreneur Ticket
One item: 4900; Each additional item: 4900
Sponsor/Exhibitor Ticket
One item: 14990; Each additional item: 14990
Delivery notes

Unconfirmed/Unpaid appointments will not be entertained in all circumstances. Please, book your Stage-2 appointment schedule and confirm it a minimum 48 hours in advance for better synergies.

Processing time
Processing notes

With commercial principles, ethical honor and warm regards; 

We only arrange Interview (Walk-in on Virtual) for strong willpower candidate. Interview is not something to just give a try, we avoid such mood swinging aspirations.

Our analysis shows that our most successful candidates got started right away. In fact, the odds are good that if you don’t take the leap now, you never will.

First you tell yourself you’ll decide tomorrow. Then tomorrow becomes next day and next day becomes next week. Then before you know it, the dreams of your excellent career change are long forgotten. You may continue trying with another job description/assignment at so many portals.

Candidates who are not willing to register themselves are definitely habitual to Applying diversity of job postings without mapping core strengths or do specific preparation, so we have to filter such freaking candidates with Registration procedures. 

Don’t let that happen to you! Take a bold step forward by registering yourself right now, then commit to making serious progress on winning corporate culture.

Are You Ready to Register Now? If you say "I'm not gonna pay single buck for my Recruitment Process", that means you're not Enthusiastic candidate for us. We simply wish good fortune for you in your career endeavors. Some great opportunities are definitely waiting for you to grab them.

If you are actually willing, Share the payment success receipt with our HRD Team and rest they will do.

Payment options
Payment methods accepted
Payment notes

Cheque/Cash/Demand Drafts are not accepted in all circumstances. Swipe Debit Cards/Credit Cards/Scan UPI QR/NEFT/RTGS Mode of Transaction are accepted through authorized Banking Channels and Authenticated payment process. Once the payments collected for the services requested, is strictly non-refundable in all circumstances. All payments are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.