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Data Analytics (People and Business) Internship - Onsite at Workplace Only

Data Analytics (People and Business) Internship - Onsite at Workplace Only

Data Analytics (People and Business) InternshipData Analytics (People and Business) Internship

Three to Six Months Learning and Innovation Opportunity on Self Financed Basis

(You will be responsible to Sponsor your Resources Access under Self Budgeted Policies)

HCDS Technologies is actively seeking a proactive and enthusiastic Data Analytics Intern (Unpaid Internship for Maximum 6 Months) to join our dynamic team. This internship presents a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in data analytics, and successful completion will be acknowledged with a certification. Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, we offer flexible work hours to accommodate your schedule.

Seeking fresher candidates with a mix of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and the ability to adapt to new technologies and methodologies in the rapidly evolving field of Data Analytics (Business and People). Keep in mind that job descriptions might also include additional skills or responsibilities tailored to the particular needs.

Application Question(s) of Qualifying:

- Can you create better Synergies with Futuristic Stakeholders (Customer, Clients, People) by generating Best Commercial Leads using New and Available data?

- Can you fetch data from LinkedIn Sales Navigation?

- Can you generate commercial business Leads mapping to Solutions we recommend?

- Can you create better communication with prospective stakeholders to become our Next commercial account?

- Can you manage to bring your Laptop for Onsite Learning and Innovation across this Data Analytics Internship?

- Can you perfectly utilize AI tools and LinkedIn Navigator for better business analytics?

Ability to Commute for Selection Process:

Delhi (Malviya Nagar) and Cybercity Gurugram (Required)

Internship Location: Mostly in-person @ Office Workplace and Hybrid Sometimes

You must have Own Laptop for better Learning and Innovation.

Please contact on WhatsApp @ +91 99906 53759 to proceed further with Your Data Analytics (People and Business) Internship application.

Key Practices to Build Responsibilities as Data Analytics Internship:

1. Collaborate closely with our data analytics team on real-world projects across diversity of domains.

2. Assist in data collection, analysis, and interpretation to support decision-making processes.

3. Contribute to the development and maintenance of data visualizations and dashboards.

4. Collaborate with team members to validate and clean data, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

5. Document data analysis methodologies and processes for future reference and knowledge transfer.

6. Participate in team discussions and meetings to provide insights and recommendations based on data analysis.

7. Stay informed about the latest trends and best practices in data analytics and related technologies.

8. Assist in the development and implementation of data quality and validation processes.

9. Aid in the optimization of database structures for improved efficiency and performance.

10. Work on projects related to predictive modeling, machine learning, and statistical analysis.

Three to Six Months Learning and Innovation Opportunity on Self Financed Basis

(You will be responsible to Sponsor your Resources Access under Self Budgeted Policies)

Benefits After Successful Completion of Professional Assessment for Commercial Excellence (PACE):

Workplaces For Growth, Great Work Culture, Corporate Perks, Loyalty Bonus, Business Equity, Profits Sharing on Deals, Flexible Workplaces, LinkedIn Premium, Healthcare Benefits, Quarterly Incentives, 100% Performance Payment Package, Annual Appraisals

You will "Innovate" with Data Analytics (Business and People)

The insights we gain using big data analytics are the key to innovation. Big data allows stakeholders to update existing products/services while innovating new ones. The large volume of data collected helps businesses identify what fits their clients or customer base. Information on what others think of diversified business solutions/products/services can help in better product development.

The insights can also be used to twist business strategies, improve marketing techniques, and optimize customer service, people productivity.

You will "Improve Efficiency" with Better Analytics of Data

Big data tools can improve operational efficiency—our interaction with clients/customers and their valued feedback help to collect large amounts of valuable stakeholders data. Analytics can then extract meaningful patterns hidden within the data to create customized products. The tools can automate routine processes and tasks, thereby freeing up valuable time for people, which they can utilize to perform tasks requiring cognitive skills.

After selection, mutual agreement and onboarding, you can begin your "Data Analytics (People and Business) Internship" as per commencement schedule given below;

At Gurugram (Cybercity) Workplace: Weekly Monday Onwards

At Delhi (Malviya Nagar) Workplace: Weekly Wednesday Onwards

General Selection Process

1.) Technical Proficiency and Skills Brainstorming (Onsite at Workplace)

2.) Professional Assessment for Commercial Excellence (Onsite at Workplace)

3.) Human Resources and Onboarding (Onsite at Workplace)

Pleas bring your Own Laptop and One Government ID Card for Onsite Selection Process at Gurugram Workplaces

  • We are operating from our office workplaces partner WeWork and Awfis across 45 Workplaces.
  • After final discussion and onboarding at Gurugram, you can continue Learning and Innovation at any workplace.
  • Virtual Online interview is strictly not offered in any circumstances.
  • Experienced people are not eligible to apply, 0 to 1 Years experienced can apply, but under Self Budgeted and Self Financed policies for initial 3 to 6 months.

We at HCDS Technologies, always Include People for Operating our Socio-Economic and Collaborative Ecosystem with Sovereignty Entrepreneurship Liberty and Fabian (SELF) under dynamic People Inclusion Operations and Deployment (PIOD) framework.

To Whom So Ever It May Concern

This is a commercial announcement for the general public and future stakeholders ...

We don't hire directly and never offer internship or full time career opportunity only on the basis of assessment and interviews. Selected candidates must join any long term Fellowship, Training or Mentorship program (With sponsorship upto 90% on total costs of program) to get some or maximum of below listed essential resource;

- Sponsorship for MBA/MTech/MS Program

- Google Workspace Enterprise/Business Standard

- Personal Official Email on Business Domains

- Subsidy on Office Workplace Access

- Discounted LinkedIn Premium Access

- Choice or Workplace of Growth PAN India

- Hybrid Learning and Innovation

- Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise/Business Standard

- Mentorship from Microsoft For Startups

- Mentorship from Tata Consultancy Services

- Mentorship from Google For Startups

- Mentorship from AWS Activate

- Choice of Cloud credit $1000 to $5000

- PlayStation 5 Games at Office Workplace

- Events Participation (Premium Tickets)

- Weekly Happy Hours Party Access

- Flexible and Hybrid Learning and Innovation

- Essential Business Database Access

- Learning and Practices on Trendy Strategic Resources

- Artificial Intelligence Latest Version

- Platform to Build Technical Solutions

- Regular Vigilance on Getting proper training and self learning across transition

and much more ....

Selected candidates will be joining any Fellowship, Training or Mentorship program of Avocat Professional Institute by making advance Payment of applicable amount after deduction of sponsorship. Sponsorship upto 90% shall be granted on the basis of performance of Professional Assessment for Commercial Excellence (PACE) and Group Discussion with Technical Brainstorming (GD). Additional sponsorship may be considered for high deserving candidates on the basis of Personal Interviews (PI) with the Managing Partner.

Minimum payable amount after calculating 90% Sponsorship will be INR 45,000 Per Quarter and Maximum amount after calculating 60% sponsorship will be INR 1,80,000 Per Year. You can make 3 EMIs of quarterly payment of quarterly payment and 12 EMIs of annual payment.

(Minimum 60% Sponsorship will be granted after Selection in Professional Assessment for Commercial Excellence (PACE) that can be extended upto 90% in Group Discussion with Technical Brainstorming (GD) and final decision at Personal Interviews (PI).

Candidates will also get Program Certificate after 3 months (Based on their Domains) from Avocat Professional Institute and confirmed internship by HCDS Technologies under mentorship of Top -5 IT MNCs across 125 Freshers Internship Projects leading to full-time onboarding.

We don't demand any money for Internship or Job Placement across any business verticals and unit of our partnership firm. Charging for placement or offering career opportunity is unethical and illegal. Defaulters shall be prosecuted by appropriate State Laws.

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