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Remote BravoZest 180 Hours

Remote BravoZest 180 Hours

  1. "Understanding Engineering Aspects of Modern Flexible Office Infrastructure
  2. (Airconditioning, Information Technology, Maintainence, Housekeeping, Security, Parking)"
  3. Understanding Modern Flexible and Collaborative Office Infrastructure
  4. Cyber Forensics, Safety & Security - Threats and Preventive Measures 
  5. Analytics of Individual Aspirations and Skills Synergies of People with Industry
  6. Analytics of Career Transition and Change Adoption Preparedness of People
  7. Analytics of Struggling Pvt. Ltd./MSME/LLP/Firms/Companies
  8. Strategic Analytics of Struggling business entities on Digital Transformation Adoption
  9. Automate detection of different sentiments from textual comments and feedback
  10. Automate detection of different emotions from textual comments and feedback
  11. Importance of Technology-led Assessments in Public Sector Organisations
  12. Learning Platform Configuration of Product Web Page
  13. Digital Book Development (Basic)
  14. Create a CAPTCHA Service to Secure a Simple Web-based Application
  15. Customer Satisfaction Survey Dashboard
  16. Intelligent Property Analyser
  17. Continuous Integration(CI) and Deployment - using Jenkins Pipeline
  18. Continuous Integration(CI) and Deployment - using Jenkins Plugins
  19. Startup Ecosystem in India - Market Study
  20. Webpage - UI Design
  21. Develop a docker container using Ethereum blockchain components
  22. Set up virtual application development environment with docker containers on AWS Cloud
  23. Develop docker container for application development using Java stack
  24. Creating Customer Satisfaction Survey Dashboard
  25. Employee Attrition and Performance Analysis
  26. Automate detection and recognition of grammatical errors
  27. Automate extraction of handwritten text from an image
  28. Automate sentiment analysis of textual comments and feedback
  29. Automate emotion analysis of textual comments and feedback
  30. Digital Book Development (Intermediate)
  31. Understanding CAPTCHA - Build a CAPTCHA Service that Secures a Simple Web-Based Application
  32. Secured Docker Based Lab: Enforcing end-to-end security
  33. HR Salary Dashboard - Train the Dataset and Predict Salary
  34. Rank Features of a Smartphone - Build a Python Application to Classify and Rank Dataset
  35. Forecasting System - Project Demand of Products at a Retail Outlet Based on Historical Data
  36. Classification Model - Build a Model that Classifies the Side Effects of a Drug
  37. Mobile Application for Attendance Management with Analytics - Digitization
  38. Webpage UI Design
  39. Learning Platform Configuration of Product Web Page
  40. Develop containerized JenKins pipeline on AWS cloud
  41. Set up docker container for application development using BlockChain network
  42. Develop docker container using docker compose for application development using Java stack
  43. Housekeeping Management System in the Hospitality Industry
  44. Creating an Online Tour Guide Portal for Domestic Tourists
  45. Create Customer Satisfaction Survey Dashboard
  46. GDP Data List Creation Using RPA - Automate the Process and Perform Exception Handling
  47. Offer Letter Generation Using RPA - Automate the Process and Perform Exception Handling
  48. Excel Records Processing Using RPA - Automate the Process and Perform Exception Handling
  49. Automate identification of semantics errors for enabling errorless proof reading
  50. Automate identification and recognition of handwritten text from an image
  51. Automate detection of different sentiments from paragraphs and predict overall sentiment
  52. Automate detection of different emotions from paragraphs and predict overall emotion
  53. Digital Book Development (Advanced)
  54. Salary Prediction Dashboard for HRs
  55. Build a Classification Model for Drug Trials Dataset
  56. Webpage - UI Design
  57. Learning Platform Configuration of Product Web Page
  58. Develop a docker image using Ethereum blockchain components and test using smart contract
  59. Develop docker container for scalable Java stack and microservices based applications
  60. Creating an Online Hotel Booking System
  61. Developing Application Tracking System (ATS) using Cloud Infra, Server Deployment and Database Integration
  62. Product Sales Data Analysis
  63. Customer Churn Analysis
  64. Financial Performance Analysis
  65. Marketing Campaign Analyzer
  66. HR Employee Performance Tracker
  67. Retail Analytics Dashboard
  68. Supply Chain Optimization Report
  69. Telecommunications Customer Churn Predictor
  70. Manufacturing Process Efficiency Analyzer
  71. Real Estate Market Trends Predictor
  72. Building enterprise chat apps using GenAI
  73. RAG architectures including Vertex AI Search
  74. Applications of Generative AI for your business
  75. Application Development with Duet AI
  76. Deploying and hosting apps in the cloud
  77. AI/ML data pipelines with Google Cloud Storage
  78. Generative AI on AWS
  79. Build your generative AI application with Amazon Bedrock
  80. Enterprise data with Amazon Q to improve employee productivity
  81. Architecture patterns for building generative AI applications
  82. No-code AI & ML and generative BI
  83. Accelerate foundation model development with Amazon SageMaker JumpStart
  84. Enterprise CLM using generative AI
  85. Enhancing homeland security and boosting retail with AI-powered analytics model
  86. Generative AI to make retail search engines smarter and more efficient
  87. Scaling enterprise AI with's generative AI platform
  88. Harnessing AI & ML for a unified 360 degree customer experience
  89. Product & Tech strategy for dynamic stakeholders
  90. Design, prepare and launch your app on app store
  91. Zero To One - product management for startups
  92. Shaping an effective product strategy
  93. Building Android apps for next billion users
  94. Leveraging Cloud to empower startups growth in scale
  95. Deploying Cloud and unleashing the power of data
  96. Powering nextgen of startups solving for India's unique needs
  97. Scaling your startup for international growth
  98. growing profitability with effecting marketing strategy
  99. Building your brand through the creator economy
  100. startup hiring and building a winning team
  101. Managing cash flows for your startup
  102. Address GPT - Domain specific LLM for address and location intelligence
  103. Genie - AI powered enterprise architect assistant
  104. Axio reinvents infinitely-scalable BNPL (buy now, pay later) for a faster shopping experience
  105. AI-enabled checkout using computer vision algorithms from AWS
  106. Generative AI to build a smart HR ecosystem
  107. Generative AI application with Redis Enterprise and Amazon Bedrock
  108. Real-time analytics and multimodal data integration in RAG powered by MongoDB Atlas
  109. Accelerating generative AI/ML adoption with AWS Storage

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