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Vision & Mission

Our primary source of inspiration are Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel & Dr. Bhimrao Ambedker for their progressive ideology and policies for a "Martinet, Sovereign, Republic, Socialist, Cooperative & Liberal" nation during the year 1929 to 1946.

These visionary leaders have created a strong foundation to include countryside youth into Purely Patriotic development of India in next many decades after ruling out the British Companies Rules in 1946-1947 (East India Companies)...

(Technically, an act of kicking out Foreign Direct Investment from Bharat)

But, unfortunately, from the year 1983 onwards, many politicians and governments have adopted same policies to allow foreign companies to acquire resources of India under Global Liberalised or Globalization policies. Now, in last 30+ Years (since 1991), business resources of India have more than 75% FDI, that simply means, We Indians because of poor policies, have handed over control of our businesses to Foreign companies, thus leading India towards inflation, lack of resources and rapidly increasing poverty & unemployment.

Young Business Entity for revolutionary youngsters of the Countryside. Incorporated under “Government of India MSMEs Act 2006/2020”, approved by Directorate General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour & Employment and promoted by Founder Partner of Avocat Professional Institute (Incorporated under “The Haryana State (PSA) Commercial Establishment Act 1958”). HCDS is a Sovereign (also termed as AUTONOMOUS or Self-financed), Republic (also termed as COOPERATIVE or human centric), Socialist (also termed as FABIAN or anti-capitalist), Liberal (also termed as HUMANISTIC or forward-thinking) and Ethical (also termed as MORAL or righteous under the shadow of provisions of the Constitution of Republic of India) for all stakeholders, customers, clients, students, applicants, trainees, employees. Non-Government business entity without any support/subsidy or investment from State, zero capital funding/capitalism influence, external investors, third party promoters, foreign direct investment or banking loans etc., so HCDS manages its day to day business expenses from internal budgeting, self-financed offerings, HR consulting business products and intellectual services, affordable training fee collections and CSR events/activities. All existing/future stakeholders of HCDS are/will be its investors and promoters too because HCDS now and will never invite outside investments.

HCDS is focused on creating Self Help Groups (SHG) and Independent Entrepreneurship under the provisions/laws/acts of States those would be owned and managed (democratically) by underprivileged Countryside young professionals. HCDS has rapidly built a significant collaborative association with the People & Partner Businesses. Currently operate from Remote Transit Offices and Partner Workplaces across the Tier-2/Tier-3 cities.  

Mission - To create large Cooperative Limited Business Enterprise for "Self-Esteemed" TEAM DRIVEN, TEAM GOVERNED & TEAM MANAGED "Self-Development" of all stakeholders.

- HCDS Technologies is an Information Technologies Services & Human Resources Development Services business entity having business associations and joint projects with 15+ Indian MNCs

- Avocat Professional Institute is a legal firm focused on corporate governance & Indian business laws, having business association with 50+ organizations and is promoter of HCDS Technologies

- HCDS Republic Cooperative Business Systems is actively engaging struggling businesses to help them Reform, Reinvent, Rectify & Rebuild their troublemaking or loss causing business strategies and associated business entity with HCDS Technologies

- Cooperative Development & Sovereign Republic Initiatives as a collaborative business entity with HCDS Technologies, working towards Developing Martinet Livelihood among Countryside by engaging more people for Community Empowerment via Civil Ethics & Social Services..

All these businesses are headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana (Delhi-NCR) and being managed by all the Legitimate Partners and Fresh or Experienced Stakeholders of HCDS Technologies according to their individual potential, commercial & professional attributes and economic participation to Yield Mobilized innovation by aligning Policy, People, Purpose, Practice, Projects & Passion.

We are a Cooperative, Sovereign, Republic, Ethical, Social and Liberal business entity without any investment from capital funding, external investors, third party promoters, foreign direct investment, angel funding or banking loans etc., so we manage our expenses from internal budgeting, fee collections and CSR. The recruitment and hiring process will be extremely learning and exploring the multi-dimensional, mult-itasking, multi-functional, multi-talented, multi-processing and multi-industry professional personality attributes and core competence of the interested, eligible and qualified students at ultimate levels.

We're productively engaged in Reform > Reinvent > Rectify > Rebuild across the following business functions:

- Community Empowerment | Artificial Intelligence | Big Data Analytics
- Network Infrastructure | Cloud Computing | Healthcare Administration
- Recruitment & Career Transition | Corporate Campus Connect
- Corporate Training, Personality Grooming & Global Meritocratic Internships
- Futuristic Corporate Systems | Block-chain, Neo & MSME Banking
- Educational Technologies | Human Resources Development Services
- Business Strategy | Re-Skilling & Up-Skilling | Social Service & Civil Ethics
- Logistics, Warehouse & E-Commerce | Infrastructure Facilities (I&E)

We, at HCDS Technologies are extremely enthusiastic and ignited to play vital and vibrant role in the following Global Projects and Joint Ventures of 105 Developed & Developing countries, 450+ Largest MNCs and respective State/National Governments.

- Reforming Horticulture
- Agriculture Innovation
- Mission 2070: Net Zero CO2
- Solar Power @ 4.80% Earth
- 1000 Million New Trees
- 15,000 Wind Energy Plants
- 300 Nuclear Energy Stations
- Electric Vehicle (Battery)
- 1000 New Cities
- Full Meals - Zero Disease

Revolutionary Entrepreneurship (Micro Business under MSME Act) with total focus on our mission ADITYA; Advancement of Dedication Integration and Talent in Youth Attributes. We are fortunate enough to include underprivileged students from countryside to assist them find right career track and contribute in Country's development.

Fostering a culture of humanness where youth bring Advancement through Liberal insights research and transform their career aspirations into achievable term goals. Youth will join us to have plenty of Knowledge gaining and learning opportunities to transform their academic performance and learned practices into futuristic Business Functional success.

Serving 450+ MNC clients, MSMEs and 12 State/Central Government Departments for proficient business consulting and Re-Skilling, Up-Skilling and Systems Integration & Automation Training for various business functional requirements. We take care of A to Y needs of our clients right from understanding their existing and upcoming needs and design strategic action plans to install and configure required resources along with technical & operational support. We also provide essential technical, behavioral and active working skills training to the hired Workforce for Warehouse, Logistics, Healthcare, Infrastructure Facilities, BPOs and other industries.

Client/Partners/MNCs in India, Germany, Liverpool (UK), Russia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Florida (USA), Taiwan, Hongkong and other regions...

As an actionable contributor towards achieving business objectives of the teams and client/partnering organization, we thrive on out of the box thinking and relentless pursuit of excellence in Human Resources Development Services as our primary Career Objective. Strengthening inter personal relationship among teams who share their passion for developing global cum local Human Resources with Liberal innovation. I'm excited about the Advancement of Dedication Integration and Talent in Youth Attributes as an inspirational contributor. Not to mention the thrill of designing comprehensive Training and Internship programs that equip teams with world class talents, working skills and professional attitude using cutting edge technology to transform them into valuable asset to the nation's GDP.

We pride ourselves in solving complex Human Resources problems in the most efficient and elegant ways. Everything we do is guided by our core culture and values.

Fast Facts about HCDS Technologies

- Very Simple Organization with Unlimited Business Volume
- Under MSME Act 2005/Haryana State Commercial Act 1958
- Developing Stakeholders with Block-chain Audit
- Overall democratic Management and All stakeholders are Investors/Promoters
- Equality/Democracy in business practices without any Middleman (Politician/Investor)
- Total Sustainable towards nature while developing Synergy with Nature
- Zero FDI/No 3rd Party and Strong Decision/Control
- Talent Development while Casual/Formal/Non-Formal approach
- Opportunity for All because of Zero Debts/NPA/Mortgage

Teams have adopted the Republic Cooperative Business Framework for HCDS Technologies and it's principal promoter Avocat Professional Institute (Engaged in reforming Indian business provisions/laws/acts for struggling businesses in India). Ethical business practices to comply with provisions given in the Constitution of India for Bharatiya Business Systems; after rigorous & strategic planning of Republic Cooperative Business Framework to kick out Foreign Direct Investment from the then India (1929-1946) and more focus on doing business by Collaboration, Contribution, Integration & Performance (CCIP) of all the stakeholders to never allow FDI.

Stakeholders are inspired by:

1. Netaji Subhash Chandra: For his martinet livelihood principles for the youth which include strict discipline throughout the life of individual Bharatiya.He created life-long collaborations (friendship) with Russia, Germany, Japan, Singapore & Korea for best ethical practices for the Indian Business System.

2. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedker: For his rigorous work of the Constitution of India that gives Sovereignty, Equality, Liberty, Socialism & Secularism for all the countryside people of Bharat. The principle "One for All, All for All, All for One" has become our business principle.

3. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel: For his republic cooperative business framework for India, under which we now have 1550+ largest Public Sector organizations in India. There are 277 Central Public Sector Undertakings in India. PSUs are categorized as Maharatna, Navratna, and Mini-Ratna organizations. India's states own 1,309 public sector enterprises of which 989 are deemed working. Amul is the best example of the largest cooperative republic business in India.

Corporate Workplace

Operating from Collaborative Workplaces in Mumbai, Gurugram, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Noida, Indore, Bangalore and Delhi (All Partner Workplace / Co-working Spaces) - We don't have any branch anywhere in the country/abroad

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