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Being Technocrats is our Core Culture with total adoption of Automated HRMS, Cloud Computing based HRIS and Social Ethics Connect.

We're working together in collaboration, contribution & integrated way with our stakeholders considering that Technological advancement has a great impact over doing business in more innovative and customer-centric ways. Artificial intelligence developed through prolonged algorithms and computer programming languages have automated the collection, storage, processing, fetching and retrieval of data facts of all business functions. Cloud computing has now created an on the go platform for access of working on business applications thus ease of doing business operations right from planning administration and management. Business managers and their team members work at a single place because it is based on Block-chain Technology which ensures a safe, tractable, trustable and comfortable doing Business environment for all the Stakeholders. This Automates data analytics in order to control the flow of research for most business-friendly decisions as well as business relations across various entities right from demand and ensuring supplies between Businesses and Beneficiaries.

Technical/Management/Non-Technical Projects;

Web Development, Talent Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Strategy & Management, Robotic Process Automation, Sales and Marketing, Talent Acquisition, Assessments, Content Development, Content Digitization, Data Science and Analytics, DevOps, Digital Marketing, Education Technologies, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Learning and UI design, Learning by Doing - Approaches, Learning Products and Assessments, Market Research, MEAN Stack Development, Process Framework, Programming and application, Recruitment.

Technocracy is a priority component of our hiring system of recruitments in which the decision-maker or business acumen are selected on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge.

Each incumbent, applicant or candidate is being fully empowered in all aspects;

A to Z information about;

- The Republic Cooperative Business Entity, Business objectives and it's business functions
- The Joint Business operations (with partners/clients)
- The Career Opportunities and how to join
- The Job objectives, roles and responsibilities; Monthly, Quarterly and Annual objectives
- The work, workers and workplace challenges
- The hurdles, barriers and new Era skills required to excellence
- The Applicant's Attitude, Aptitude and Altitude
- The continuously on Job training, learning and grooming opportunities
- The ultimate Life-Work Balance
- The Full-time/Regular/Hybrid work culture
- The Compensation, Salary and Quarterly incentives
- The Company accommodation facilities
- The Group family insurance and healthcare benefits
- The Government benefits to employees
- The three Recruitment & Hiring stages
- The hiring policies and terms of onboarding
- Joining and growth trajectory
- Career track ahead...

What more you want??

When we say "Revolutionary Entrepreneurship" that clearly indicates that our teams are investing their Proficiency in trendy and competitive technology aspects.

1. Human Resources Development Services (Automated HRMS/HRIS, Appraisal, Payrolls, Personality Grooming, Labour Law & Compliance and Corporate Training - Technical and Functional)

2. Campus Recruitment Drives and Essential Career Skills Training for Fresher Graduates and Post-Graduates

3. Re-Skilling and Up-Skilling Projects of NSDC for existing workforce of all industries

4. Social Service, Civil Ethics and Community Empowerment Events of "My Government Portal"

5. Meritocratic Internships and Job Placements across Local and Global Tech Firms

6. Events and Exhibition Planning, Organisation and Management of Conference, Seminars and Board Meetings

7. Infrastructure Facilities Management (Interior and Engineering)

8. Reform, Reinvent, Rectify and Rebuild technology and trends

9. Neo Banking and MSME Banking Products of leading Financial Institutions and Banking Companies

10. Obtaining Overseas Qualifications (Work Integrated Global MBA from Australia, Germany, UK and Singapore)

11. Business to Business e-Commerce and Customer Onboarding (Logistics, Warehouse and e-Commerce Operations)

12. Implementation of CSR Activities across diversity of business

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