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Hadwin Smith Technopreneur Fellowship (HSTF)

Hadwin Smith Technopreneur Fellowship (HSTF)

Upcoming FY 2024-2025, HCDS Technologies is all set to align for you the bundled package of Next-Gen Socio-Economic and Collaborative Strategies, Advanced Technologies, Powerful Skills Set, Groomed People, Dynamic Processes, Out-of the Box Practices, Seven Star Workplaces, Application/Web/Cloud Space, Automated Software, Constitutional & Provisional Legality and On-demand Technical Support to become extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Students, Trainees, Founders, IT Developers, Freelancers and General Countryman under the Hadwin Smith Technopreneur Fellowship (HSTF).

Become a value adding stakeholder to the Digital Technology Transformation journey of people, policies, functions, processes, and businesses. Directly connect with leaders, experts, investors, businesses, and innovative entrepreneurs under one shelter - HSTF.

From how to think about an idea and bring it to reality, problems in the process, challenges, team leadership, pivoting, global expansion, investment, new industries, and dozens of changes that the world will go through and that are already present.

Benefits worth INR 45,00,000 (Yes, its Value is Forty-Five Lakh Indian Rupees)

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Fostering a culture of humanness where people bring Advancement through Liberal insight research and transform their aspirations into achievable term goals.

Surprisingly availing out of the box formula for winning corporate culture and ensuring “What matters a lot – and what doesn’t matter much – for career satisfaction” across multiple projects of diverse organizations.

Corporate Workplace

Operating from Collaborative Workplaces in Mumbai, Gurugram, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Noida, Indore, Bangalore and Delhi (All Partner Workplace / Co-working Spaces) - We don't have any branch anywhere in the country/abroad

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