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Winter InternOFiesta 2024

Winter InternOFiesta 2024

HCDS Technologies offers Next-Gen Socio-Economic and Collaborative Strategies, Advanced Technologies, Powerful Skills Set, Groomed People, Dynamic Processes, Out-of the Box Practices, Seven Star Workplaces, Application/Web/Cloud Space, Automated Software, Constitutional & Provisional Legality and Unlimited Technical Support to become extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Students, Trainees, Founders, IT Developers, Freelancers and General Countryman.

HCDS Technologies is an IT Services and IT Consulting Unit of Avocat Professional Institute. We are embarking upon Mission ADITYA - Advancement of Dedication, Integration and Talent in Youth Attributes.

Experiences you will have at HCDS TechnologiesExperiences you will have at HCDS Technologies

1- Knowledge, Tools and Inspiration: HCDS Technologies is not just the collaborative and socio-economic hub of digital innovation. It's much more than that. It is a unique way of thinking, a mindset, a culture of international vision, and completely disruptive ways of doing things oriented towards global impact. It is no coincidence that most students and entrepreneurs choose HCDS Technologies as the right place for their Innovation and Development.

2- Live in the Present and discover the Future: Where is the world today, according to each latitude and economic-cultural coordinate, what does it need, where is it going? Every innovation today will directly impact people's lives tomorrow; It is these innovations that are already thought of as a prototype and/or reality at HCDS Technologies. You must learn to decide which ones you think are most relevant.

3- Innovation, Learning and Transformation in real time: Direct contact with leaders, experts, investors, companies and innovative entrepreneurs. From how to think about an idea and bring it to reality, problems in the process, challenges, team leadership, pivoting, global expansion, investment, new industries and dozens of changes that the world will go through and that are already present at HCDS Technologies.


Registration and Networking Breakfast - Morning @ 09:00 AM Onwards on Tuesday, 7th November

Event Proceedings & Activities - Morning @ 11:00 AM Onwards on Tuesday, 7th November


Opening Keynote: Build Better, Yield Best - Get Ignited for 2024 … 11:00 AM

By Resourceful Co-Founder and Accredited Partner, Microsoft For Startups

Agenda: Research based case study by Researcher and Co-Founder, directing towards corrective business strategies. (Learn how to manage digital transformation transition efficiently & inexpensively)

Analytics of 86% of new business entities discontinued or failed between 2018 to 2022?

Smarter Collaboration in the Age of Hybrid Work - The Technopreneur Approach

Beware of how capitalism is taking away economical freedom of countryside businesses?

Protect business interests and know the impact of debt ratio on business operations and prestige?

What are best practices of change and transition management in Geo-political threatening

How salaried employees are being replaced by Self-made Professionals, Co-Proprietors and Technopreneurs

As hybrid work becomes the norm, businesses are facing new collaboration challenges: creating better, streamlined employee experiences while simultaneously simplifying IT management, reducing costs and empowering teams to work securely from anywhere.

Optimising business processes and culture for hybrid work.

Navigating the rise of anywhere-work with collaboration technologies.

Simplifying collaboration complexities for both employees and IT while yielding better business results.

Triggered Human Being - Ideate, Grow, Build, Scale … 11:30 am

By Resourceful Co-Founder and Accredited Partner, Google For Startups

Agenda: Creating Awareness, addressing our Learning requirements, and also in Implementing products and solutions. Powerful learnings from visions & missions of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Workplaces For Growth, Great Work Culture, Corporate Perks, Loyalty Bonus, Business Equity, Profits Sharing on Deals, Flexible Workplaces, LinkedIn Premium, Healthcare Benefits, Quarterly Incentives, 100% Performance Payment Package, Annual Appraisals, ESG Activities, Group Family Insurance, Happy Hours, Weekly Fun Parties and Entrepreneurship Sponsorship

People Before Strategy - Strategy comes from people’s minds and not the other way round. Right people in the right functions or jobs. Seek fresh perspectives. Prepare a new leadership pipeline with the right skill sets to drive and manage the digital transformation.

Collaborative and Socio-Economic Business Framework … 12:00 Noon

By Resourceful Co-Founder and Accredited Partner, AWS Activate

Agenda: Building a debt free business ecosystem based on socio-economic collaboration or corporate alliance without worrying of Government Subsidy /FDI /Bank Loans /Venture Capitalist /Third Party Investments /Diluting Equity and engaging stakeholders at legit will.

How much are we truly passionate about solving a specific countryside problem after G20 Summits ?

Strong consideration on what genuine values can we add to the GDP and Economy ?

Do we really have deep domain expertise across 19 top commercial and professional skills?

How much generalized financial freedom do we really have to balance tough circumstances?

What is our risk tolerance towards collaborative social, economical and cultural upliftment?

Date Tree V/s Banyan Tree approaches for yielding mobilized innovation

Need and Selection of most effective Premium Business / Career Strategies

Learning for Knowledge V/s Learning for Operations

Readymade Technical Tools V/s Optimised and Customized Collaborative Technical Tools

Willpowered Shareholding in Self, Commercial and Professional deeds for 360 degree win-win results

People and Intellectual Networking during Lunch Break between 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm

(Resuming event proceedings post lunch at 2:00 pm)

Supercharge Your Career with Young Technopreneur Fellowship …2:00 pm

By Resourceful Co-Founder and Project Mentor, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS-iOn)

Agenda: We cover an array of topics across product & tech strategy, AI, marketing, fundraising, leadership and much more, delivered by a power-packed line-up of Microsoft, Google, TCS and HCDS Technologies industry leaders.

Futuristic Business Owner will be able to deploy following;

  • Crystal Clear Understanding of Collaborative Startup fundamentals
  • Validate your Collaborative startup idea with customers and markets
  • The path to revenue by alignment of People Policy Purpose Project and Passion
  • Naming and branding of Founder and Business Services
  • Build your team with Collaborative Leadership
  • Fundraising and Digital Transformation Resources for your startup
  • How to pitch your company to other Stakeholders or Collaboration purposes

That's not all, select Founders and Entrepreneurs will also get access to one-on-one mentoring sessions and an in-person networking opportunity with the Co-Founder of HCDS Technologies ...

It's time to appreciate your Entrepreneur concepts, ideas and Tech Startup dreams.

We invite your detailed project report (DPR) confidentially in Person. Also mention in DPR, what all essential input resources you will need;

Strategies? Technologies? Skill Set? People? Workplaces? Hardware? Cloud Space? Web Space? Softwares? Technical Support?

What will be your finalized product and service? To whom will you serve?

Well, you share your DPR presentations and rest will discuss confidentiality during interviews.

Plan Sustainable Growth: Exploit the exponential advantages of digitization. Learn how artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms enable new money-making engines that fuel growth. Learn how to leverage them to solve your business problems and boost sales while increasing margins.

Onsite People Inclusion, Operations & Deployment … 2:30 PM

By Resourceful Co-Founder and Managing Partner, HCDS Technologies

Agenda: Leaving behind HRMS and Invoking into PIOD with 2024+ Admin /Technical /IT /Non-IT /Management /Non-Tech /Sales /BDM Projects and Dynamic Career Opportunities for Diploma /UG /PG students in Remote, Hybrid and Onsite Mode (AWS, Google, HCDS, Microsoft and TCS-iON Projects)

Our Unified People Inclusion Operations and Deployment Process;

  • Step-1: Professional Assessment for Commercial Excellence
  • Step-2: Technical Brainstorming and Group Discussion
  • Step-3: Functional Presentation and Coffee with Resourceful Co-Founder
  • Step-4: Personal Interviews and Onboarding Process
  • Step-5: Signing Offer Letter and Contract or Agreement
  • Next Step: You're welcome to HCDS Technologies

Unlocking benefits worth INR 12,50,000* for Students /Interns /Trainees /Job Seekers /Freelancers

  • Developing yourself, your people and your teams - Proven leadership development model.
  • Feedforward - What is feedforward and why is it different from feedback.
  • Leading and a partnering that translates across all cultures, industries, and business levels.
  • Leader’s effectiveness during a time of crisis and Case study of Patanjali, Amul, EY, TCS, KPMG

WhatsApp @ +91 94669 97980, +91 94991 93061

Emails - [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

Special Note:

Both the days will follow the same agenda, individuals can participate either on 7th or 8th November by confirming their tickets. Tickets INR 900 Onwards. Participation is subject to confirmed tickets.

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