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People Inclusion (HRMS)

People Inclusion (HRMS)

Learning Rapidly while assisting/pupilship in sourcing, communication, guidance, selection, directing, onboarding and deployment of fresher or experienced people across these domains/projects:

Indian Business Laws, The Government of India MSME Act 2006/2020, The State/Union Cooperative Societies Acts, The Indian Partnership Act 1932, The Indian Companies Act 1956/2013, State Commercial Establishment Acts, Corporate Social Responsibilities, Programming and application, Democratic Recruitment, Web Development (Macintosh, Linux, Windows and Android Platforms), Talent Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security & Information Technology Acts, Strategy & Management, Robotic Process Automation, Sales and Marketing, Content Development & Digitization, Data Science and Analytics, DevOps, Digital Marketing, Education Technologies, SwayamPrabha, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Learning and UI design, Learning by Doing - Approaches, Learning Products and Assessments, Market Research, MEAN Stack Development, Process Framework, Cooperative Business Development, Khadi & Village Industry Development, Self Help Group and Women Empowerment Initiatives.

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include:

1. People Inclusion, Onboarding and development - Provide career innovation counseling, fruitful advising, and motivational conversation

2. Work on talent development, campus recruitment drives, and business associations - Getting freshers enrolled into Technical & Non-Technical Projects of 45 hours/ 90 Hours/ 180 Hours duration

3. Implement re-skilling and up-skilling projects across countryside territories

4. Work on human resources planning, budgeting, financing, administration and accountability - Assisting the seniors in all aspects of HR

5. Conduct pre-recruitment research & work on job descriptions, social media enrichment, and recruitment

6. Provide personality grooming and training for placement and manage accounts of clients, trainees, and job applicants across a diversity of business functions

7. Draft job offer letters and other HR policies

8. Handle legal documentation and automated HRMS/HRIS/payrolls/HR analytics

9. Creating own executive presence across countryside with civil ethics, social services and community empowerment activities

10. Planning and Onboarding of Channel partners, Sales Consultants and managing their key accounts.

Continue Working as - Technical Recruiter (IT/Management/Technical/Admin/Non-IT/Other Technical)

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