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Cyber Space Safety and Security Workshop

Cyber Space Safety and Security Workshop

Let's Kill the Vulnerability of Millions of Online Frauds and Cyber Attacks

Invitation from Cyber Security Experts of HCDS Technologies
for "Onsite Workshop that covers 30+ Threats and Preventive Measures"
in "Cyber Space Safety and Essential Security Learnings"
to build "Safe Online Environment (Most Resourceful Whole of Learnings)"

Saturday 24 February 2024 at Gurugram Haryana

Antivirus Software - ATM Security - Baiting
Browser Security - Business Email Compromise
Computer Viruses - Cyber Bullying - Cyber Stalking
Data Security - Debit and Credit cards - Decoding Deepfake
Desktop and Laptop Security - Digital Footprints
Distributed Denial of Services or DDoS - Dumpster Diving
E-mail Security - Employment Scams - Wallet - Fake Job Offers
Fake Loan Apps - Fake social media profiles - Fake Tech Support
Hacking - Hoaxing - Honey trap - Identity - Internet addiction
Internet Ethics - Investment Scams - KYC frauds - Loan Scams or Frauds
Lottery Frauds - Malware - Managing mobile app permissions
Mobile app installation Security - Mobile Application Security
Mobile Device Security - NFC and Wi-Fi enabled cards
Online Banking Security - Online Dating Frauds - Online Doxxing
Online Gaming - Online Matrimonial Frauds - Online Shopping
Password Security - Phishing - Pretexting and Impersonation
QR Code Payments - QR Code Scams - Ransomware
Romance Scams️ - Scareware - Security and Privacy for Facebook
SIM Cloning - Smishing - Social Engineering - Social Media Addiction
Social Media and its features -Social Media Frauds - fake survey/ quiz/ offers Spear phishing - Spying - Tailgating - Tech Support Scams
Trolling - Unified Payment Interface USB Storage Device Security - Vishing Attacks - Whaling Wi Fi Security

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