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Corporate Management Trainee

Corporate Management Trainee

We’d be nothing without our Sovereign, Republic, Liberal, Social, Ethical, Multidimensional & Multifunctional young lifelong learners under the shadow of the Constitution.

We have something special, professionally customized and commercially crafted futuristic stuff to offer. Our Meritocratic Internship that can take your legal and administrative business engagement with HCDS Technologies and our Top-20 joint business partners/MNCs to a whole new level:-

Two Months Meritocratic Internship (Full-time/500 Hours)
Commercial Working Hours: 300 & Dedicated Training Hours: 200 (Total 25 in-Office Work Days + WFH).
50,000+ Business entity data analytics on legal grounds with email communication, Online conferencing, company visits, Labour & career security laws, 1 Corporate Governance legitimate proceedings & 1 other optional civil litigation, 3000+ HRMS/HRIS entity analytics, CSR & Company documentation training under Shop & Establishment and MSME Laws/Acts, IPR (Copyright/Patent) filing, investment laws, FDI & job work assignments, SCRUM Basics practical training, 6 Business Functions training & job work assignments, Weekly 3-5 hours Project Engagement before final/full time onboarding, 8 to 16 CSR events of 16 Government departments, 3000+ entity Webinars/Interviews/Recruitment training & job work assignments, 40+ Personal Live Online interviews, 20+ Face to Face interviews, Mentorship by Business Director & Corporate Lawyer with 45 hours optional Virtual Internship in Top Indian IT Company.

TED Circle, Recommended Credits, Learning References, Industry Projects, Webinars and Recorded Sessions by Industry Experts, Industry Readiness Learning Resources, Daily Activity and Project Report, optional Access to Partner MNC Mentor, Academic Credits (upto 8) Aligned with AICTE and UGC.

(Your Personal Laptop, Headset and Quality Internet connectivity are mandatory for joining and working)

PPO: Regular Onboarding (Full-time/250 Hours Monthly/Hybrid Working)
Commercial Working Hours: 150 & Dedicated Training Hours: 100 (8 in-Office Work Days + WFH)

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Fostering a culture of humanness where people bring Advancement through Liberal insight research and transform their aspirations into achievable term goals.

Surprisingly availing out of the box formula for winning corporate culture and ensuring “What matters a lot – and what doesn’t matter much – for career satisfaction” across multiple projects of diverse organizations.

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