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Business Summit

Business Summit

You as an Event Sponsorship Manager will be actively responsible for A to Z operations related to;

Creating Teams, Idealization, Planning, Framework, Design, Deploy, Financials, Communications, Logistics, Arrangements, Floor Management, Stakeholders On-boarding, Tickets Sales, Registration and Organization of Business Automation Summit

Engaging target stakeholders to actively participate into the HCDS Business Summit

Confirming advance sales of event access tickets via a pre-paid and pre registration policy

Creating strong vigilance about technical events such as "Business Automation Summit" and reach out to the target attendees like - Why Start-Up Founders/Business Personnel and New Entrepreneurs must participate in this Summit?

Branding the Corporate Events/services/products on social media and digital marketing tools to include stakeholders; Small businesses, Researchers, Start-Up Founders, Entrepreneurs, Product Developers, Freelancers, Faculty and Students

Assisting stakeholders in Event registration and administration of ticket delivery, arrival confirmation, payment collections and KYC documentations

Assisting the seniors across all day to day activities relevant to Business Summit

Creating own executive presence across countryside with civil ethics, social services and community empowerment activities

Excellent use of YouTube/Linked-in/Facebook and Blogs to create and post endorsement videos of our services

Better use of YouTube and Instagram to create and publish short video based on Business Automation and industry testimonials?

Planning to arrange and manage Event /Expo /Exhibition /Summit /Seminar for product and services promotion publish the event multimedia over the social media platforms?

Create some research based Business Building content for easier understanding of general public/stakeholders?

You will showcase Event scope, benefits, usage and knowledgeable video on social media?

So, are you Enthusiastic enough to be part of Business Automation Summit - Empowering Small Business Organisations

  • Annual Onboarding Target - 48 Sponsors / 96 Start-Ups / 192 Students
  • Quarterly Onboarding Target - 12 Sponsors / 24 Start-Ups / 48 Students
  • Monthly Onboarding Target - 4 Sponsors / 8 Start-Ups / 16 Students

Can you ignite the stakeholders? such as - Why Start-Up Founders/Business Personnel and New Entrepreneurs must participate in this Summit?

Can you ignite - Why students must participate in this Summit?

(Fresher Graduates or PG and Final Semester Student will join us to Collaborate, Contribute & Integrate and Perform at par 20 point performance scale to get annual payment package of Indian Rupees 2.16 Lakh to 12.96 Lakh.)

Can you ignite - Why Tech-Developers/Teaching Faculty and Training Providers must participate in this Summit?

(The Tech-Developers/Teaching Faculty and Training Providers will get plenty of business association opportunities in this event)

Can you do - Brainstorming, planning, outlining, program development and branding to arrange and manage Technical Event/Expo/Exhibition/Summit/Seminar for product and services promotion publish the event multimedia over the social media platforms?

Can you - Administer 40 to 90 telephone calls to individual Prospectus to generate interest in preventive healthcare services and medical grade lifestyle products.

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